December 9, 2023
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how to pack supplements for travel

How to Pack Supplements for Travel

Traveling with supplements should be easy when properly packed. It is recommended to follow TSA’s 3-1-1 guidelines for liquid supplements and store them in one quart-sized, clear plastic resealable bag.

Avoid transporting loose supplements in large bottles as these take up more space and may leak during transit. For maximum organization, try investing in either a weekday capsule organizer or daily travel pill box to store and organize them by day of your trip.


Travel requires packing many liquids, such as soap, shampoo, body wash, shaving cream, toothpaste and cologne. To pack these effectively for travel you should ideally use a small quart-size hanging toiletry bag containing these items. When packing liquids make sure to use padding such as crushed newspaper, plastic air pillows or crumpled plastic grocery bags to protect from spills or leaks – or try multi-use products such as hair conditioner instead of shaving cream in order to save weight by packing multipurpose products instead – saving 6 ounces in your baggage!


Traveling with vitamins can be tricky, particularly if you take multiple varieties that don’t look alike. Luckily, the TSA usually doesn’t have issues with pill form supplements when repacked into smaller, more portable packaging – enabling you to bring along more of your favorites without fearing they’ll get lost in checked luggage.

When traveling internationally, planning ahead and having your supplements sent directly to the destination airport is often the best solution for saving both time and money. Not to mention reducing security risks posed by leaving them sitting unprotected at an unfamiliar airport!

No matter whether your supplements come in pill or powder form, when traveling you should make sure they’re packed into an easily accessible and leakproof storage solution. A travel pill case is an ideal way to organize vitamins according to when and how often they will be needed – plus its clear structure makes it easy to see exactly what’s inside, unlike bulkier pill bottles that could easily get lost inside a bag!

Cadence Capsules, sleek and versatile storage containers designed specifically for travelers, provide an effective way to organize travel items. Leakproof, magnetic and customizable to your personal taste, they link together and can even be stacked inside each other to save space in your carry-on bag. Check out this video to understand more how they work — they’re highly popular among travellers!


Soft gel capsules make an excellent travel choice as they do not face liquid restrictions like vitamin pills. Unfortunately, though, they can be messy to pack; you may find that your capsules stick together or crumble during transport – in this instance simply shaking or placing in the fridge should help dislodge them from their sticky bonds and disperse evenly across your bag.

If you take soft gel vitamins, try packing them in your carry-on instead of your checked bag to save yourself the trouble of dealing with TSA 3-1-1 regulations and ensure fresh and undamaged supplements while traveling. Many Care/of products offer pill cases with labels for convenient storage of vitamins while traveling.


Pill-form supplements offer some relief: unlike liquids, pill vitamins and supplements don’t count toward the 3.4 ounce limit and can be packed as needed in your carry-on bag for your trip. Simply declare any items exceeding this amount upon entering your country of destination.

To save space in your carry-on bag, repackage pill vitamins into small, clearly labeled containers so they’re easier to locate quickly if there’s ever an emergency and less likely to mix with each other. A travel pill organizer could also come in handy here in keeping track of dosage amounts.

Make sure the container or pill organizer you select is leakproof and sturdy enough to endure bumpy journeys, and invest in one with compartments to organize pills by day or time of day – this will make following your supplement regimen while on the road easier, while TSA agents will recognize its contents more readily.

If you want a convenient way of packing essential vitamins and powders into your carry-on luggage, opt for multivitamins with all of the essential nutrients you require. Daily pill packs offer convenient travel companionship; making travel simpler while guaranteeing that supplements won’t run out if your flight is delayed or your luggage becomes misplaced.


Protein powders and other powdered supplements can be difficult to pack for travel, though TSA typically allows their transportation in your checked baggage. They often attract extra scrutiny than other vitamins or supplements because their white hue can easily be mistaken for other medications which must pass a more stringent screening process.

If you decide to bring powder supplements in a check-in bag, be sure that each container is clearly labeled. Pack them in a resealable plastic bag or container marked as such and write “protein” or other clear indication on it; this will enable TSA agents to quickly identify what you are packing – saving time and effort during screening procedures.

Pack your powder supplements in the darkest part of your luggage in order to avoid spoilage; some protein powders contain ingredients such as papaya which may turn green when exposed to light.

When packing pill vitamins for travel, select a container large enough to contain all of your daily pill needs for the entire duration of your journey. This will make staying on schedule easier while out and about; many Care/of’s supplement containers come pre-labeled according to day or time of day to assist with managing your schedule while traveling.

If you want a simpler alternative to packing supplements yourself, purchasing a multivitamin that contains the nutrients that are most important to you can be found at most grocery stores in both capsule and tablet form. Or you could search out vitamin stores at your destination and purchase directly there – faster and simpler still.

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