November 28, 2023
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how to travel with powder supplements

How to Travel With Powder Supplements

Travel can disrupt workouts, diets and wellness habits – but that shouldn’t force you to forgoing supplements completely while away from home or gym.

Protein powders may raise alarm bells with security personnel, but you don’t have to let that derail you by double bagging them – this makes them appear less suspicious and more like everyday food items.

1. Look for Third-Party Testing

Travel is an integral part of life. Whether it’s for work, school or vacationing. Supplements may be brought along on any trip; however, certain supplements could trigger additional scrutiny during security screening procedures. Powder supplements like whey protein and creatine tend to require extra screening due to their larger volume than most capsules, potentially being flagged for additional inspection or even opening during airport or border screenings. TSA website indicates that tinctures and capsules (even gelcaps) generally pass the security check with no difficulty, while powdered supplements should be placed in their own bin for X-ray screening; an open container may also be necessary to ensure full inspection.

When flying domestic or international with powder supplements, consider repackaging them in smaller portions to make it easier for security agents to see and determine their purpose. One tactic could be placing it into a shaker bottle as many avid workout people do – this may indicate to security that your powder supplement is meant for workout purposes and help avoid increased screening procedures.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Buy Sample Packs

Travel can be an inconvenience when it comes to supplement regimen, but that doesn’t have to mean leaving behind essential supplements like protein powders and other powdery supplements at home. With some careful planning, protein powders and similar powdery supplements can be taken without running into issues with TSA security.

When packing supplements for air travel, the most crucial point to remember is keeping them in their original packaging. Protein powders typically come packaged in large plastic tubs; while it might seem sensible to decant them into smaller resealable containers to save space and prevent spillage, doing this could cause additional screening requirements at security checkpoints – according to TSA website warnings on powdered substances packed into such resealable containers requiring additional screening at security checkpoints.

If your powder container isn’t small enough to carry its contents on your trip, consider purchasing sample packs of the products you’re considering taking with you. Many online supplement retailers provide sample packs as part of every order, giving you an opportunity to explore various flavors before making a larger commitment – for instance CP’s single-use protein powder packs are an excellent way to test products before investing in full tubs of them!

Pill bags are an effective and lightweight solution to safely transporting pills while traveling, offering airtight sealability, resealability and an easily identifiable writable label for quick identification. In addition, BPA-free low density polyethylene construction makes these BPA-free bags BPA free and safe to pack with supplements. Plus they take up less space or weight compared with pill organizers or dispensers!

If you need advice about packing your supplements for a trip, don’t hesitate to reach out. Your supplement retailer has experience helping customers travel safely with their supplements; their advice could prove invaluable when packing properly. At the end of it all, you will be grateful that you took the time and care necessary in packing correctly while resting assured knowing that TSA security guidelines have been followed correctly.

3. Label Your Supplements

Traveling for work or vacation shouldn’t mean abandoning your fitness goals – simply pack some protein powder to ensure you can still meet them while traveling! Just make sure that you familiarize yourself with TSA regulations regarding carrying supplements onboard flights so there are no unexpected delays at security checkpoints.

TSA agents typically do not require additional inspection of capsules, gel caps and tablets in both your carry-on and checked luggage. However, powder-like substances larger than 12 ounces must be placed in their own bin for screening before flagged for secondary inspection, in which case their container could need to be opened for additional screening.

Powdered supplements don’t need to be declared as medication as with liquids; however, TSA may request additional documentation such as a letter from your physician or prescription. Therefore, keeping this letter or brochure with you may help avoid issues at security checkpoints.

Protein powders should also be approached with caution; some brands contain multiple ingredients and do not list exact quantities in their Supplement Facts panel. This is due to FDA only mandating that labels list the contents; manufacturers do not have to include exact amounts per ingredient. If in doubt about its contents or quality, purchasing smaller containers may help before committing fully to one full bottle.

If you’re traveling with multiple containers of protein powder, it is recommended to pack each into its own clear Ziploc bag to make security checkpoint more manageable and reduce spills during travel or leaks from resealable bags. For longer journeys it might also be worth packing extra bags so as to not end up without essential supplements if your luggage becomes lost or delayed; alternatively you could use Care/of’s daily pill packs which allow for convenient dosing of medications throughout your journey.

4. Keep It Simple

Travel can be both rewarding and stressful at the same time, which can throw your daily schedule out of whack. From business trips to a two-month trek through Patagonia, maintaining your fitness and nutrition regimen may prove difficult without proper supplements.

Now there are a few strategies you can employ to maximize the efficiency of your powder supplements while traveling. First off, it would be smart to always pack them in your carry-on bag, as this makes accessing them during flights or should your checked luggage get lost much simpler.

Repackaging certain supplements like protein powder may help you sidestep security at airports. Placing it in a clear, heavy-duty resealable bag labeled “protein” may signal to TSA agents that this is simply your regular workout supplement and expedite passage through security faster by being more easily identified during inspection.

Care/of’s daily pill packs offer another convenient solution to packing vitamins while on the move, pre-packed into convenient containers that attach easily to water bottles or shaker cups and are labeled for each day of the week for easy compliance with daily regimen. So why wait – start planning your adventure now! But before setting out make sure you check any weight/volume restrictions for both carry-on and checked baggage so there are no nasty surprises at the airport!

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