November 29, 2023
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who sells standard process supplements

In 1929, Standard Process became the world’s first company to create whole food vitamins. Their holistic approach ensures high-quality, nutrient-dense supplements for optimal patient outcomes.

They grow many of their ingredients on their own 420 acre certified organic farm in Palmyra, Wisconsin. They don’t use any synthetic pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified crops.

Chiropractic Patients

Chiropractic adjustments remove vertebral subluxations that can block nerve and muscle function. Often, these subluxations can be caused by poor diet and nutritional deficiencies. Nutritional counseling and supplementation are important parts of a chiropractic treatment plan. That’s why Hutsell Chiropractic is proud to carry and recommend Standard Process products.

What sets Standard Process supplements apart from others is that they are whole food based. They grow many of the plants they use in their nutritional supplements on their own 420 acre certified organic farm in Palmyra, Wisconsin. This allows them to preserve the nutrients for potency and assimilation. The body recognizes these natural ingredients as food and is able to absorb them more effectively than the man-made chemicals found in popular vitamin pills.

Most of the other supplements sold in stores are made in laboratories, involving petroleum products. The bodies cannot assimilate these foreign chemicals. On the other hand, Standard Process grows their own fruits and vegetables right down the road from where they make their vitamins. These fruits and vegetables are then ground up and turned into supplements that the body recognizes as real food, and can easily absorb.

Standard Process has been in business since 1929 and was the first company in the world to create whole food supplements. They were founded by Dr Royal Lee, and he believed that the body would best absorb and utilize nutrients when they are in their natural state. Today, they continue to work with health care professionals and are committed to educating patients about the importance of quality foods and the role that supplements play in maintaining overall wellness.


Dogs have unique nutritional needs that change based on age, activity level, and health status. Standard Process pet supplements deliver targeted, essential nutrition to support these changing needs. These products are made from whole foods, organ and tissue extracts, botanical materials, and other ingredients that may fill nutrition gaps. These formulas provide general multi-system support for all body systems, with emphasis on a healthy endocrine system.

Cats also have specific nutritional needs that change based on age,activity level and health status. Standard Process feline supplements deliver complex nutrients that might not be adequately consumed through a typical diet alone. These products are formulated from a balance of animal tissues and botanical materials to offer general multi-system support for all body systems.

Since 1929, Standard Process has been dedicated to the field of nutritional supplements and whole food philosophy. The company grows their own ingredients on organic farms to ensure that they are controlled from beginning to end. They have strict quality control standards and perform over 1000 tests on their products. They are a family-owned and third-generation business with a deep commitment to clinical science that advances health and changes lives.


For over 80 years, Standard Process has provided health care professionals with high-quality whole food nutritional supplements. Their products contain unique combinations of synergistic ingredients that provide specific nutritional support for patients. By growing crops on their own certified organic farmland and utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, Standard Process ensures the quality of their products.

Their whole food philosophy is rooted in the belief that nutrients are more active and biologically available when left intact than they are in their isolated form. Their veterinary formulas offer a balance of animal tissues and botanical materials that deliver complex nutrients that may be lacking in your pet’s diet.

They have created a variety of cat and dog supplements that target various systems in the body. These supplements are available online and in-person from partnering veterinarians. In addition, these supplements are part of a whole food nutrition program for pets. The Puppy Pack and Kitten Kit help pet parents get their fur babies started on the path to a lifetime of optimal wellness.

Online Ordering

Rather than simply supplying the body with the nutrients it needs, Standard Process goes the extra mile to make sure those ingredients are as close to what your body is used to eating. Most vitamins are manufactured in a lab, but the whole food supplements created by Standard Process use natural, organically grown and harvested ingredients that provide your body with a more easily assimilated source of nutrition. The company also oversees the entire manufacturing process, so that you can be sure of the high quality of the products you are taking.

The whole foods used to create the supplements are grown on the company’s 420-acre farm in Palmyra, Wisconsin. The farm is certified organic, which means that no synthetic pesticides or herbicides have been sprayed on the crops. The farm also uses crop rotation, composting, and organic fertilization to ensure that the deep black soil is healthy. This helps to create the most nutrient-rich supplements possible.

Once the crops are ready to be processed, they are transported just down the road to the company’s facility where the vitamins are made. The whole food supplements are produced using low heat to preserve the natural nutritional content. The company also makes sure that every ingredient is safe and effective by performing over 1000 tests per batch, ensuring that all of their products meet the specifications on the label.

In addition to the testing performed on each batch, the company also has a full-scale laboratory that performs as many as 2,100 tests each week on raw materials and in-process product batches. The results from these rigorous tests ensure that all of the Standard Process supplements are safe and effective, which can help patients achieve optimal health.

If you are interested in learning more about the supplements available from Standard Process, feel free to contact Ideal Chiropractic. We can discuss the best options for your unique situation and determine if one of these supplements could be beneficial to your overall wellness plan. We can then help you place your order directly with the company, ensuring that your supplement arrives at your door on time.

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