April 20, 2024
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just started working out what supplements should i take

Supplements For Beginners

As a beginner in the gym, proper nutrition should come first before considering supplements as part of your regime. That being said, some supplements may enhance workouts by increasing strength and muscle mass gains.

Creatine is an example of such a supplement, being naturally produced by our bodies and found in fish and red meat products. Additionally, creatine supplements can be taken safely.

Protein Powder

Protein powder is one of the most sought-after workout supplements, and for good reason. When taken post-workout, it helps repair any damage done during training while initiating muscle protein synthesis to build new muscles. When and why to take it depends on your goals: “if your protein needs can be met through whole food sources alone then don’t bother with powder.” When considering using it instead he recommends looking for third-party certified brands which purchase actual products off shelf before conducting tests to verify they contain what they claim; Creatine may also be an option worth exploring as another supplement option worth exploring.


Creatine supplements can be useful tools for people seeking to lift heavier weights or sprint faster during workouts. Creatine can help increase reps with given amounts of weight while decreasing fatigue during drop sets, super sets and circuit training – particularly useful for competitive athletes seeking an edge during sprinting events or drop sets, super sets or circuit training. It has also been demonstrated to increase strength. Most creatine products require rapid loading with 20 grams a day for five days followed by maintenance dosage of 10-20 grams daily afterward.


Beta-alanine should be a staple supplement in any gym-goer or athlete’s arsenal, providing numerous performance advantages to enhance training sessions or athletic competition. From increasing time until exhaustion during high-intensity exercise to decreasing lactic acid buildup which causes fatigue and decreases muscle force, its benefits make beta-alanine an indispensable addition.

Beta-alanine, commonly found in protein foods like meat, is often taken in supplement form to enhance its effects during workouts. When combined with creatine and sodium bicarbonate for increased effects on workouts. One case study concluded that using beta-alanine delayed muscle fatigue while improving his routine. Initially he experienced some tingling sensation in his skin (paraethesia), which could only be resolved with slow release preparations or splitting his dose.

Before trying any new supplements, treatments, or remedies, always consult with your GP first. Any advice offered here on SelfHacked should only be used as informational purposes and is not meant as medical or nutritional advice, diagnosis or treatment. For personalized guidance on selecting an effective supplementation strategy that aligns with your goals speak with an Accredited Sports Dietitian (find one near you here).


Pre-workout supplements should be consumed 30 minutes before beginning any workout, typically 30 minutes prior. They typically contain stimulants like guarana and caffeine to increase alertness and focus, along with nutrients that provide energy during physical exertion such as creatine, citrulline malate beta alanine and vasodilator ingredients – in addition to betaine, B vitamins taurine and yohimbe for better performance and increased energy.

No matter which pre-workout option you prefer – from stimulant-heavy to stimulant-free – it is crucial that you find one suitable to your individual needs and health goals. For instance, those sensitive to caffeine should avoid pre-workout supplements that contain too much caffeine as this could lead to overstimulation and jitters during workout sessions, or can prevent restful night’s sleep if consumed close to bedtime.

Pre-workout supplements are generally safe to consume as long as their ingredients are listed clearly on the label and the company is trustworthy, but as with any dietary supplement their effects cannot be guaranteed.

Beginning trainers should start off with protein powder to build muscle mass while aiding recovery and speeding up strength improvements. Whey protein is an ideal option because its rapidly digested and easily absorbed by the body – 20 (ish) grams should be eaten before or after each workout for best results. It may also help to pair it with some source of carbohydrate such as fruit or whole-grain sandwich to maximize absorption while keeping stomachs from emptying out prematurely during an intense workout session.


Glutamine has long been recognized for its benefits to athletes and those looking to build muscle, but it also supports immune health and intestinal strength, including helping strengthen connections in your intestinal walls.

Glutamine is an amino acid essential to every cell in your body. Additionally, glutamine serves as a precursor for glutathione production – an antioxidant which works to maintain immunity and cell health.

Your body produces its own glutamine naturally, but can use large quantities when stressed by physical exercise or illness. Because of this, glutamine is considered conditionally essential amino acid and found in protein foods and supplements like meat, fish, eggs, dairy, spirulina cottage cheese as well as vegetables like cabbage and asparagus.

Oral glutamine comes in various forms; you can find it as either a powder that you mix into drinks, tablets or capsules – the former may be more quickly absorbed; but ultimately the choice is up to you; some prefer mixing liquid powders into their workout drinks while others find capsules and tablets more digestible.

Research shows that taking glutamine in quantities consistent with a well-rounded diet is generally safe and won’t result in any side effects, but be sure to speak to your physician if any conditions could hinder how your body absorbs this amino acid – for instance if you suffer from kidney or liver disease or Reye’s syndrome it would be best advised under supervision from medical practitioners before taking supplements without their advice.

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