April 18, 2024
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The Rock – What Supplements Does The Rock Take?

The Rock is an esteemed former wrestler who has successfully maintained a toned physique since transitioning to acting. This achievement has come about through hard work and consistent workout routines; additionally he takes supplements which aid his muscle building efforts while maintaining good health.

One of The Rock’s go-to products is whey protein powder, used as both pre and post workout recovery aid. He also takes glucosamine supplements for joint health benefits.

Amino Energy

As Hollywood’s hardest working man, The Rock must do everything necessary to maintain peak performance. From early morning workouts and 7 meals a day through 14 hour filming days and 14 hour shooting days he must stay on top of his game in order to meet all of the demands of his career. That includes creating a diet and supplement regimen to build muscle while recovering from workouts as well as staying healthy overall.

The Rock is known to take many supplements, but one that stands out is Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy. Packed with amino acids, proteins, and caffeine for pre-workout booster, Amino Energy helps prevent muscle breakdown during high intensity training while speeding recovery post workout.

Glucosamine is another vital supplement that The Rock takes, as it supports joint health while simultaneously helping preserve muscle mass. Furthermore, this compound promotes muscle growth by increasing protein synthesis while decreasing protein degradation – it can be taken either alone or alongside other supplements and comes both liquid and pill forms for convenience.

The Rock has long been known to love Carlson Labs Liquid Fish Oil. After reviewing pictures on social media showing his fridge containing it, we know it contains Carlson Labs Liquid Fish Oil which provides high amounts of Omega 3s that help the heart, eyes, and brain stay healthy.

Finally, The Rock utilizes ZOA pre-workout supplements as part of his pre-workout routine. These products contain ingredients like nitric oxide precursors that relax blood vessels to allow more oxygen and nutrients into muscles for increased performance during workouts and increased gains at the gym.

It’s no secret that The Rock is an avid user of supplements and training hard in order to maintain his massive frame, but by following his advice and using these supplements alongside a healthy diet you too can look just like him! Be consistent in your approach – that will eventually lead to success!

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydro Whey Protein

Dwayne Johnson, better known by his screen name The Rock, is one of the world’s most well-known athletes. After spending over a decade wrestling professionally and appearing in blockbuster movies such as San Andreas and Furious Seven, his fame has continued to spread to film. Unusually open about sharing details about his workout regimen or supplements he takes for optimal health, The Rock proves how commitment to training and diet will get one far in life.

Optimum Nutrition’s Platinum Hydro Whey protein powder is used by The Rock to increase muscle mass. This protein concentrate provides minimal fat and sugar intake for fast absorption during the day and also contains amino acids to aid with recovery after workouts – perfect for beginners looking to build more mass in their muscles as well as veteran bodybuilders alike.

Add one scoop of protein powder to your morning smoothie or shaker cup filled with water or milk and blend for best results! It is best if this supplement is taken within two hours after physical activity; however, you may enjoy taking this anytime throughout the day for a quick protein boost!

Platinum Hydro Whey Protein is composed of hydrolyzed whey proteins, which break down into smaller pieces for faster absorption and contain BCAAs which promote muscle growth while decreasing protein breakdown during high intensity exercise. Furthermore, it features sucralose and acesulfame potassium as sweeteners to enhance mixability with water or milk and soy lecithin for easy mixing capabilities.

The Rock swears by Glutamine supplements to decrease friction in his joints during exercise. He also takes Fish Oil supplements which can reduce inflammation and boost cardiovascular health. In order to stay fit, The Rock wakes up early at 4am each morning for cardio workouts before filming begins; and has up to eight meals daily to sustain energy.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the world’s best-known ambassadors for physical fitness, and his workout regime and supplement use has long been public knowledge. The Rock is an example of hard work paying off, while also showing us all how important supplements can be in an individual’s diet.

The Rock is known to get up at 4am to lift weights and then consume seven meals throughout his filming day, using various supplements for energy and nutrition, as well as recovery after intense workouts he endures daily.

Glucosamine is an organic compound naturally present in your joint cartilage that has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can be taken as a supplement to promote joint health and bone strength. When taken together with chondroitin sulfate – another proven cartilage repair agent – this supplement may reduce pain associated with his demanding lifestyle while at the same time decreasing osteoarthritis symptoms. The Rock is thought to take this supplement regularly in order to ease his joint mobility problems as well as alleviate his osteoarthritis symptoms.

In addition to taking glucosamine supplements, The Rock also takes branched chain amino acid (BCAA) supplements. BCAAs can help build muscle quickly while speeding recovery after exercising; The Rock likely uses them to maximize his gains and maintain his muscular physique.

As part of his efforts to increase muscle growth, The Rock also takes creatine. A popular pre-workout ingredient that can increase lean muscle mass, boost performance and energy levels and aid recovery after exercise, creatine can come in capsules, tablets, powder and drinks forms; unlike whey protein which provides immediate energy boosts; creatine’s slow absorption provides long-term energy support compared to immediate spikes provided by whey proteins such as whey. Creatine should be taken prior to hitting the gym for best results; simply mix it in your protein shakes or water before heading off!

Speed Stack

As a professional athlete, The Rock dedicates himself to maintaining peak levels of strength and physical fitness on an everyday basis by eating a strict diet and taking various supplements – including Speed Stack – an energy drink-like preworkout drink he regularly drinks before workouts – seen on social media either carrying it around with him or drinking one before every session he undertakes – this shows just how dedicated he is to training and nutrition and takes his career seriously.

Like previous golfers who used SuperSpeed Sticks, Fitzpatrick’s improvement did not require drastic physical transformation or significant swing changes. He employed the Stack system developed by sports biomechanist Dr. Sasho MacKenzie; more advanced than other systems available today and suitable for serious golfers seeking to increase driving distance. It provides notifications when reaching specific goals while offering statistics like Stack speed, eSpeed and distance potential for easy monitoring.

The Stack system is easy to use and becomes part of your training routine, tracking your progress over time and reminding you to train. Plus, when your goals have been accomplished it gives a notification and can motivate you further! Utilizing the Stack system will not only increase your driving distance, but will also make golf more enjoyable and engaging. Furthermore, training sessions can take place either at home or any convenient location for you. The Stack system costs approximately $350 and features a 41″ shaft with five CNC milled weights that can be easily changed. You can purchase it either through their website or Amazon; their app is free download but requires compatible radar in order to work.

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