December 7, 2023
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what supplements does dwayne johnson take

What Supplements Does Dwayne Johnson Take?

The Rock has spent his career honing his physique through football, WWE wrestling and physical movie roles; each task required immense physical exertion from him – evidenced by his impressive physique which bears witness to hard work’s return.

The Rock drinks a protein shake post-workout and may take an amino acid supplement containing 15 grams of glutamine to aid recovery, in addition to taking an Amino Energy pre-workout from Optimum Nutrition for added energy and focus.


Dwayne Johnson is well-known for his muscular physique. To maintain it, however, Dwayne takes several supplements that give him an extra edge when training hard.

One of his go-to supplements is glutamine. Not only is this amino acid essential for muscle growth and recovery after intense workouts, it can also help the body heal itself more quickly afterwards. He usually takes it alongside an energy supplement like Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy for maximum benefit in terms of stimulating, energizing and vasodilating effect during his sessions.

Glutamine can also aid in maintaining gut health. Studies have demonstrated its ability to decrease intestinal permeability, an effect which may reduce leaky gut and its related issues such as thyroid conditions, arthritis and skin conditions such as psoriasis. Furthermore, glutamine has been demonstrated as being beneficial in treating Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

glutamine may aid with fat loss by increasing protein synthesis and decreasing fat storage. It should be combined with protein powder supplements for maximum results.

Glutamine supplements are generally safe, though pregnant or breastfeeding women, those taking antiseizure medications such as carbamazepine, phenobarbital or phenytoin should avoid it, along with those suffering from liver or kidney disease and any people taking immunosuppressants should avoid taking them. Otherwise it can be included as part of a healthy diet but please check with your healthcare provider first if any issues arise before beginning taking new supplements.

Fish Oil

The Rock is one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood, rising at 4 am each morning to hit the gym before work, eating large quantities of food for fueling his workouts and 14 hour days filming movies. His incredible physique and dedication has become legendary within Hollywood; but many don’t realize that The Rock also takes various supplements to keep himself looking his best.

He utilizes various protein supplements, such as Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydro Whey. This supplement provides essential protein for muscle growth, recovery, and performance. He also supplements with creatine – an extensively-researched sports supplement known to increase strength and power – as well as fish oil which has numerous cardiovascular .

ZOA Energizer is another favorite supplement taken by The Rock. This energy drink boasts low calories, three grams of carbs, and no sugar – making it an excellent way to rehydrate after hard training sessions while providing a pleasant caffeine buzz that keeps them going!

Glutamine is another supplement The Rock takes to promote muscle recovery and performance. As an amino acid, glutamine works to repair muscles while increasing protein synthesis to build more muscle mass. Additionally, glutamine may also be used to mitigate side effects associated with chemotherapy treatments as well as assist healing following bone marrow transplant or trauma injuries.

As well as taking supplements, The Rock also stays hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water and green tea, in addition to using his sauna regularly to shed any extra fat from his body.


Anyone familiar with The Rock knows he takes fitness and supplements seriously. The former WWE star boasts an enormous physique due to hard work, proper nutrition and an effective supplement regimen; taking various products to maintain and increase strength and endurance is key for him.

Creatine is an increasingly popular sports supplement that can boost energy levels, increase muscle mass and aid recovery from intense workouts. Produced naturally in our bodies from amino acids, it plays an integral role in producing ATP which provides energy during physical exercise and increases protein synthesis to create more muscle growth after strenuous sessions.

Smith advises consumers when searching for creatine products to look for ones with third-party testing from NSF International or Informed Choice to ensure the product meets certain safety and quality standards, thus assuring greater protection of health and wellbeing.

Prioritize healthy diet and training as your top priorities; supplements can play an integral part in helping you meet goals more quickly. Experimentation with different supplements may prove useful; just be sure that any product has been thoroughly approved by the FDA first!

As one of Hollywood’s hardest working actors, The Rock is known to keep an exhaustive schedule that involves 4 am workouts and 14 hour days on set when filming movies. He makes sure he stays fueled up with supplements such as fish oil and creatine to remain at his peak performance level.

Joint Health

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is Hollywood’s highest-paid actor with an unmistakably incredible physique to match. As a former WWE superstar and coming from wrestling royalty himself, he knows exactly what it takes to stay fit.

He’s been candid about his workout regimen, revealing he awakes at 4 am every morning to pay his gym dues and work out for over an hour before eating seven meals daily as well as 14-hour days while filming movies. Therefore, people want to know which supplements he takes in order to maintain such a toned physique.

Though not very specific, The Rock has expressed his admiration for Optimum Nutrition products in general and their amino energy in particular as pre workout supplements that contain both caffeine and amino acids.

Fish oil, an excellent source of omegas, is another of The Rock’s go-to supplements. Omegas play an integral part in heart health, lowering both blood pressure and triglyceride levels, while helping with other aspects such as immunity. He may take this in pill form or drink protein shakes containing fish oil before workouts.

The Rock is likely taking glucosamine supplements as well, which have been found to ease joint pain and protect cartilage from breakdown. This makes glucosamine an invaluable addition for anyone lifting heavy weights regularly – and when combined with chondroitin it may provide even greater joint health.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a superstar of the action movie industry, known for his incredible physique that draws the eye of everyone around. To achieve his results he utilizes rigorous workout regimens and healthy eating, in combination with supplements designed to boost performance in the gym and maximize results from workouts. Supplements may help you attain similar tones as that seen on The Rock himself! Taking the right ones may even enable you to attain their physique.

Though The Rock hasn’t discussed his supplement usage much publicly, he has hinted at what they take regularly. He is known to enjoy taking Optimum Nutrition products and has discussed them on social media before taking their Amino Energy pre-workout supplement that contains amino acids and caffeine to provide energy before working out.

He often enjoys sipping on protein shakes before hitting the gym, so this supplement makes perfect sense for him. With high protein and BCAA (branched chain amino acids) content and rapid recovery from rigorous training sessions.

Source Naturals Wellness Formula, an immune support supplement, may also be part of his supplement stack and can help him stay healthy and recover more quickly from his workouts.

The Rock is known for his dedication and hard work; he works out daily and maintains his incredible physique without incurring injuries. As an inspiration to anyone pursuing careers in entertainment, The Rock stands as an outstanding role model.

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