April 20, 2024
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where are now supplements made

Where Are Now Supplements Made?

Now offers an expansive selection of vitamins, minerals, herbal blends and sports nutrition products manufactured at its facility in Sparks, Nevada.

They are one of only a few companies with in-house labs dedicated to testing supplements for safety, while select products are additionally third-party tested by independent organizations such as Informed Sport.

NOW Foods

NOW Foods is a premier supplements company offering an assortment of health and wellness products, using premium-grade ingredients. Their products do not contain any artificial chemicals or additives and go through a stringent quality control process that has earned them various certifications to substantiate this claim. They employ good manufacturing practices throughout their 24-hour manufacturing facility while testing all raw ingredients as well as finished goods using their state-of-the-art laboratory.

The NOW Foods website offers useful information about their company and history, product ingredients and natural sourcing commitments as well as a list of prohibited ingredients they won’t use in their products. In addition to dietary supplement line, NOW also has a selection of healthy cooking oils and beauty products.

NOW Foods has established an expansive distribution center network nationwide to allow for speedy product deliveries and reduce costs with its large buying power and minimal marketing expenditures. This further brings down product costs.

NOW’s products come in various forms, such as capsules, tablets, liquids, sprays and creams/lotions. In addition, NOW offers products tailored for specific diets such as kosher, gluten-free and organic. In addition, many of their items have been Non-GMO Project Verified as being free from dairy, eggs, soy and nuts.

NOW’s products undergo ongoing in-house and third-party lab testing for additional quality assurance. Their production process has received UL certification, while their performance supplements have earned Informed Sport and Informed Choice certifications from Informed Sport/Choice. NOW also uses an intensive vendor qualification process and collaborates only with reputable manufacturers, which guarantees top quality products. They even have a pet supplement line designed with veterinarian-recommended ingredients – these can be found at local natural health stores as well as online.

NOW Sports

NOW Foods has made great strides to shake the stigma associated with supplement companies of their size and standing, garnering high regard from both consumers and naturopathic doctors alike. Their website contains plenty of relevant information about the brand itself as well as the people behind it; also included is information regarding manufacturing, distribution, testing facilities as well as environmental sustainability practices that clearly outline these practices.

NOW’s supplements are often free from synthetic ingredients and additives, offering a range of multivitamins, herbal blends, sports nutrition products as well as vegan-friendly multivitamins from vegan-friendly sources like Kosher and Halal certifications to gluten-free offerings that meet kosher or halal regulations and are completely allergen free. Furthermore, most products from this line have been certified free from banned substances by Informed Sport certification for competitive athletes.

Although NOW Foods doesn’t receive an approval or evaluation by the FDA, their production meets or surpasses good manufacturing practices established by them. Being industry leaders prioritize quality, sustainability and transparency are just some of the hallmarks of quality for them to do this effectively.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, NOW Foods managed to remain open and continue selling high-quality supplements despite an overwhelming demand. Unfortunately, however, some immune-support products remain popular despite limited supply; thus causing delays for new orders as well as increases in prices for existing inventory.

NOW’s expansive line of sports nutrition supplements spans from protein powders and creatine monohydrate to amino acid blends and muscle building/energy supplements/recovery solutions. Bone Broth Powder by this company contains over 70% collagen and other bone-building minerals, is non-GMO, vegan-friendly, certified by Informed Sport and the Natural Products Association and free of artificial colors and flavors, aspartame, or hydrogenated fats – making it an excellent source of probiotics and niacinamide as well as being certified vegan-friendly and non-GMO. Furthermore, their sports supplements come both capsule and liquid forms.

NOW Herbs

As an industry leader in health food, NOW stands out as an expansive selection of supplements and foods. Their website hosts articles, workout plans, webinars covering foundational to advanced nutrition topics as well as promotional specials and sales that make NOW an excellent way to save without compromising quality.

NOW offers over 650 different products, such as vitamins and minerals, herbal blends, sports nutrition supplements, probiotics, and more. Many of their supplements have been independently third-party tested and certified by organizations like Informed Sport; raw materials and finished products are tested both internally as well as externally to ensure quality and safety. NOW uses high-quality research-backed ingredients instead of chemical additives such as hydrogenated fats or artificial colors and flavors – creating products of exceptional quality without compromise!

Though their headquarters is in Bloomingdale, Illinois, their production facilities can be found all around the world. Their production process adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which outlines standards of product safety and consistency – these practices aim to prevent contamination by cross-contamination while guaranteeing products are safe for consumer consumption.

NOW has developed its own line of natural products for cooking and finishing oils, dried fruits, herbs and spices; pet foods; cleaning supplies and household essentials as well as beauty/personal care items including hair care, skin care and bath and body products.

One of the most renowned products from NOW is this multivitamin liquid with its high-quality, broad-spectrum formula that’s free from artificial ingredients, gluten, dairy and soy; plus it’s kosher, halal and vegan approved! Plus it comes in mint flavor! Additionally NOW provides other multivitamins like this chewable vitamin D3 supplement containing 5,000 international units of vitamin D3, is dairy-free, kosher halal vegan approved and allergen free (gluten, soy and nuts).

NOW Essential Oils

NOW Foods is one of the largest supplement manufacturers worldwide. Their business has been operating for more than 50 years and their mission has always been to offer healthy products at reasonable prices. Their headquarters is in Bloomingdale, Illinois; their products include herbs, vitamins, minerals and sports nutrition items that span multiple categories. In capsule form as well.

Currenty, the company produces supplements in multiple locations including their plant in Bloomingdale, Illinois. Their state-of-the-art facilities meet cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations; production and distribution are overseen by their dedicated research and development center that develops new products; their distribution network covers both North America and Europe.

Their supplements are manufactured with only premium raw materials and adhere to stringent quality control standards, conducting tests both internally and sending samples out for performance testing with Informed Sport for evaluation. This provides them with a competitive edge over other brands while upholding transparency.

The company’s supplements are comprised of a diverse array of ingredients, from herbal extracts to amino acids. Their products are tailored specifically for different customers’ needs; nutritionists work in close conjunction with research and development staff to ensure safe and effective products.

NOW Essential Oils are carefully sourced from botanical varieties and extracted using gentle extraction methods for an industry-leading pure product. Their oils are all GC/FTIR certified to ensure impurities and adulteration have been eliminated, and designed for aromatherapy rather than being considered food grade by the FDA.

This company’s website lists all ingredients used in their products, and they are transparent about their processes. Their FAQ section answers most common inquiries; and any additional inquiries can be answered either by phone or email. They take great pride in protecting customers’ health, working tirelessly to root out bad actors in the industry by reporting any suspicious products to Amazon and other platforms; in doing so they hope their actions may spur others into action too.

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